Posing Posing Posing.

Ok here goes…my personal tips on posing. Some friends might laugh as I am quite awkward in front of the camera so, reading of ‘my personal tips’ could sound very hypocritical to them.


Alas, when my eyes are behind the view finder my only concerns are making sure you will be happy with the final results and not cringing at why the heck didn’t the photographer tell you that you were hunched backed or not standing in the most flattering way.


On reading this, please note that I do not judge my clients on their stance, their outfit choices, or do I want to be seen as bossy.


But, when chatting with clients before their shoot, I do find one of their concerns is not being directed or nervous because they don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera and ask for my tips.


Regardless, of photo shoot experience I hope this blog can benefit anyone who wants to look their best in their photo shoots!


My Tips & Tricks...


1.    Unfortunately, we all don’t have super model figures, so my first tip is for outfit choices & this can change whether your shoot is a studio set or a documentary style family/couples shoot.

In a studio setting you can pose-hold and fix outfits before actually taking the photo so you can get away with tighter fitted clothes, however, I do recommend a flowing longer dress if your shoot is in an outdoor setting and moving around more. The chance of capturing an un-flattering photo halves and less photos end up on the cutting room floor with more forgiving long flowing dresses. Shorter dresses while sitting down can also be limiting.

2.    This tip is so vain I can’t believe I’m saying it. But, all too often I see mums & dad’s not switching off parenting mode within the shoots, so when little Tommy's top becomes un-tucked or their hair is mess up again, mum or dad's first reaction is to fix it with the frowning parent face…basically, the photos are unusable, and I have to wait till everyone has reset.

So, my vain tip is: when your tucking, fixing, can’t get hair out of your face or that fly wont buzz off, is to really get the most out of your shoot & just simply do all movements with your graceful mum model (magnum) face on and not forgetting the camera is on you. Many beautiful shots can be when you’re fixing your child’s clothes or you’re shaking your head to get the hair out of your face. The disconcerting look will damage, extend your shoot or give you bad photo shoot results.

I say...Make every photo work!


3.    Because we constantly see models in magazines posing with their head back and chin up most women gravitate to this position in photos which is actually not the most flattering for their look. With this tip done correctly it can make you look taller and eliminate the any sign of that dreaded double chin.

Try it now and see how great you feel!

·     Imagine a string is pulling you up from the centred part of the top of your head.

·     Extend your whole spine.

·     Make sure your head is balanced…if you had a leveling stick on top of your head it would balance and give you a leveled reading.

·     Make sure your chin is comfortably down while your head is being lifted by the imaginary string and the balancing level all together….3 points in the perfect head structure!



4.    Working down the body this tip coming is a golden one especially for larger body types. Simply start practicing this method whenever you can, start by taking note if your arms in your posing positions are wrapped tightly to your body, if so, start creating curves and space between your torso and arms. By doing this you’re cancelling out the block torso factor which makes you look larger in photos and will start adding a beautiful shape dynamic to your body in every photos.

5.    Now choose which ever shoulder is closer to the camera then turn that same sided hip towards the camera and then place that toe in front of the other….BAM… you have the photogenic shape. This stance will un-level your hips creating shape in your body and more importantly turning you away from being directly front on to the camera…The block factor!

6.    This little tip is just to remind you; if you get asked to put your chin down, up or turn your head it only means a little movement. Best advice is to move in 1cm increments. To hear “a little more” is better to hear than “too much”.

7.    Oh no, I’m starting to hear you think…please no more tips. But this one can help you be at ease of where you should be looking. My best tips for the eyes is, make sure your eyes are pointing in the same direction as the tip of your nose…Yeah, most candid selfies look great when your trying to trick the audience that your laughing at someone off the edge of the frame, but this method can really make a photo look naturally comfortable to look at….& while your there try and catch a little bit of light shine in your eyes!!

8.    I’ve also got to mention kissing in shoots…yes, kissing can create some special photos for you and as awkward as it might sound, rest ashore practicing some fake kisses with your partner can help for on the day for better wedding/couples & even family photos. Fake kissing eliminates flattened noses, squashed faces & missed photo opportunities-I will get you to hold a fakey until I’ve captured it beautifully. So, gently or barely resting your lips of a forehead/cheeks or the other special beings lips, create a far better photo.

9. With 3, 4, 5 working for you now, now don’t forget to poke your bum out a bit!

10. Have Fun…laughing in pic's makes the best photos!