Heidi & Jarryd.

If you watch the video below you will see the force of how Heidi's draw ticket & how it came about.

I had another ticket in my fingers but, it just seemed easier to abandon the ticket in my fingers, than to fight the force of static in my palm.


Heidi's draw ticket suctioned to the cup of my hand that I was trying my hardest for it to shake off.


I initially envisioned my winner would be an older couple- may be at a different stage of their relationship...kids off to university-leaving an empty nest.


Though, after I sent Heidi a congratulations e-card, we then had a quick introductory phone chat on and I realised Heidi & her partner Jarryd were just a young sweet couple at the start of their beautiful relationship.


At the beginning of corresponding with Heidi, we thought we would do an ultimate beach couples shoot.


one of the questions I ask my clients at the start is,' what do they envision, do they have anything they would like to include into the photos...i.e horse, dog, motorbike, car, or a house'?

& After a little contemplation, Heidi asked if it would be OK if they could include Jarryd's commodore-baby in the photoshoot.


By adding elements like a car, I knew then we had to change locations.


I knew the perfect spot for this young-cool couple and their classic black commodore.