Recently, after chatting to a dear friend Elisia (insta - @thefittingroom.nt), a design seamstress who now specialises as a fitting consultant & natural fashion guru. I mentioned how I was intrigued by and wanted to learn more about finding out how to match colours to clients in my photoshoots, and to my delight Elisia lead me to the discovery of a colour analysis & personal style thoery from the 80’s called Colour Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson.

This colour theory is used by thousands of stylist and fashion companies all over the world.

Many manufactures match models to their ideal colours to enhance their overall beauty, and or course sales. Matching colours to the right models eliminates the wrong colours from becoming overpowering, reflecting the wrong colour skin tones, and bringing attention to facial shapes & blotchiness of their models and clients. The perfect colour selection can draw a dramatic and wonderful glow to a model.

How many times have you purchased a piece of clothing online because the colour seemed to have popped on the model, yet once it arrived & every time you go to wear it, it just doesn’t make you feel as vibrant as you thought it would and you end up wearing another piece of clothing that gives you that vibrance.

Over many years and the numerous revisions Colour Me Beautiful now has corrected the coding that originated with only four season groups to now 12 season groups, this allows for an advanced and diverse skin, eye and hair range.

This theory might be not completely be accurate for you. Due to changing factors - dyed hair, having hair naturally changing to grey or you might simply be on the colour fence of two seasons…. which you can’t complain about as you basically look good in anything - yay!

I have never really known if I look better in gold or silver, but with the simple test of the veins in the back of your wrist in direct sunlight you can find out and this method can be the first step to finding if you belong to either the cool or warm season colour category.

If your veins are blue in colour then supposedly, you are a silver wearer and you have a cooler skin undertone and should be somewhere within the cool seasons of either Summer or Winter…. Yes, summer is classified as a cool season. They say you shouldn’t think of the summer colour season as heat/hot but rather as light/cooler based colours.

So, if your veins appear more greenish then you are a gold girl (or guy) and belong to the warmer colour seasons of Spring and Autumn.

But wait! The coding breakdown doesn’t just stop there & also can become complicated right from the start. As some peoples veins do change colour throughout the day. Many people will fit automatically into either of these two categories.

After searching for the best guide for discovering your season I came across a diagram from an amazing head covers supplier blog . Please check it out and follow the diagram and then check out your own suitable colour palette. I bet your wardrobe has many of the correct colours already!

Once you have found your season then you can even source & purchase a wallet colour palette card that you can conveniently use for clothes shopping & especially useful when purchasing outfits for a photo shoot.

Don't stress, let's say you now have discovered black isn't on your season colour palette, there are ways to enhance these wrong colours for you...i.e. have the neck line lower (good excuse to get the cleavage out),or else add the correct colours to the outfit, like a jacket, scarf or headpiece.

There are numerous other colour considerations I would love to talk about, however, I will have to dedicate that to another blog in the future!

Big Smiles

Rach xx

*All of blogs really reach out to looking and feeling good, even during illness and environmental hardship- especially during this Covid-19 period. So, if you are experiencing or know someone who is currently dealing with cancer is a great source or information and head-wear supply company.